Q1. Is it okay for a total beginner to enroll in your course?
Yes, it is. After enrolling in our school, you will start learning from the basics.
Q2. What is the ratio of male to female students?
In FY2015, male students accounted for 40%, and female students 60%.
Q3. What are the lesson hours and voluntary practice hours?
The school opens at 8:30, and lessons start at 8:50 and end at 16:10 (except on holidays including Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).
Voluntary practice: After school hours, students can use our facilities for voluntary practice.


Q1. Are there any expenses other than the tuition fee?
All the expenses you need to pay are listed in the Admissions Procedures (admission fee, tuition, practical skills lesson expenses, facility management expenses, and miscellaneous expenses).
◆For details, please click here.
Q2. Do we need to pay a separate fee for participating in overseas training?
There is no separate fee. We subsidize the entire cost of overseas training for students enrolled in two-year programs.
◆Courses that have overseas training
Comprehensive Cooking Course (2-year program) / Comprehensive Confectionery Course (2-year program) / W License System (2 years) / Café W License System (2 years)

Living alone

Q1. I am thinking of living by myself. Can you introduce us accommodation?
Yes. We will introduce our students to our partner real estate agent.
Q2. What is the average rent?
Monthly rental charges for housing near Yamanote Cooking & Confectionery College range from approximately 50,000 yen to 80,000 yen.

Open Campus

Q1. Is there any fee to participate in Open Campus?
No, there is no fee.
Q2. How do I book to participate in Open Campus?
A1. You can reserve a place from our website.(
Also, you can apply directly by telephone.(+81-(0)3-5456-0777/toll-free:0120-805-801)